Oct. 22, 2007 - BEST REPERTOIRE

This week TOPSPIN TOP PICKS countdowns the players who possesses the variety of shots. These players are the ones who can achieve great success on any surface, and has all all weapons to use aganist the toughest of opponents.

7. FABRICE SANTORO - where players are called exhibitionists, he puts himself in a different level -- magician.
6. JUSTINE HENIN - with her little frame, you wouldn't think she can even hit an ace. But she does! And the groudstrokes to back it up are just on-the-spot! Just imagine what more she can do if she also has the Williams' ape-long limbs.
5. JUAN CARLOS FERRERO - if he can only cut down on his errors, he can be up there with the big guys. Apart from the groundstrokes, "The Mosquito" is believed to have one of the best lob shots.
4. AMELIE MAURESMO - Her backhand can do many things, whether backcourt or forecourt.
3. MARIO ANCIC - injuries and kissing diseases aside, Mario is supposed to be, well, Super Mario! He has one of the most well rounded games. Towering at 6'5", his serve seems like coming from up a tree. Then he can battle it out with big groundstrokes from the baseline. Yet, when he comes to the net, he has the gentlest of hands, and executes a neat volley.
2. ROGER FEDERER - people might find him boring, in as far as being overly predictable as the winner. However, the means is more important than the end. Beyond him writing his name in every historic list, it never gets old to watch him how specifically he dismantles his opponents. He makes amazing shots that are hard to imitate.
1. NOVAK DJOKOVIC - beyond the offcourt goofiness, what makes Nole great is his mind. He is like the class clown who is the library geek as well. Very few players know how to use their head when put up in tight matches. He has all sorts of shots at the back of his head, ready to be pulled up when the need arises. Whatever you throw at him, he's got answers.

Now for the letdowns. These players need to enrich their armory.
Jelena Jankovic - she has very sharp groundstrokes. If she can only pull off consistent great serves, she could be considered one very well-rounded player.
Andy Roddick - takes another beating in this week's countdown yet again. This guy has been as flat as his failed volleys are.



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